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Then cries away he does not want Yusei so you’re able to perish, however, Yusei reassures the fresh guy which he wouldn’t

Then cries away he does not want Yusei so you're able to perish, however, Yusei reassures the fresh guy which he wouldn't

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During the Yusei's Duel which have Aporia, Leo, along with the rest of your team, are shown a vision for the future, and that renders your during the disbelief, however to the stage where the guy gives up on the brand new coming they might be carrying out. After hearing away from Sherry LeBlanc you to Yusei tend to pass away when the the guy goes into Divine Forehead, Leo stops working towards the tears, thinking in case it is worth they to possess Yusei so you're able to exposure their life.

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Leo and remaining people compliment Yusei into the Divine Temple. When they try split up into three groups on account of Z-a person's trickery, Leo trip having Luna and you may Jack to the cardiovascular system of your construction clueless you to Aporia might be looking forward to them within second tools. He could be upcoming forced on the an effective 3 with the step 1 Duel which have Jack and Luna using their existence at risk thru gadgets connected with the hearts. Even with their tries to increase "Reddish Dragon Archfiend" and you will include Luna's Lifetime Affairs, his method backfires immediately following Aporia Summons "Meklord Military off Granel" and hits aside each of their people, destroying Jack's expert monster. Aporia upcoming announces by the newest situation you to definitely Leo might have to continue alone against your shortly after he stops their turn. Leo, in the efforts to safeguard Luna, manages to Special Summon "Saw Dragon" and you may "Old Fairy Dragon" through "Double Bubble", hence at some point contributes to their death. Although not, he's revived considering the effect of their "Morphtronic Lantron" together with fuel of one's Dark red Dragon, obtaining Baptist singles dating the Heart Mark of Dragon, and then make him the brand new 6th Signer. Eventually he Synchro Summons "Lifestyle Weight Dragon", that is able to restore Luna's, Jack's, and his very own Lives Items due to its impact (its injuries was basically together with healed). When he episodes Aporia during this change, they scratching the actual only real time in the fresh Duel one to Aporia searched become privately influenced by taking ruin. It in the end defeat Aporia by detatching Aporia's most powerful monster's ATK. Once meeting up with the complete group, they promotion higher on the Divine Forehead last but most certainly not least see it’s fundamental inhabitant. The team was astonished whenever Aporia who was thought dead reappears and you may starts a beneficial Duel with Z-one to, aiming to encourage him regarding hope. Even though the guy is able to Summon the 3 "Meklord Emperors", they are of no use up against Z-a person's "Timelords" and ultimately he's outdone. Realizing the effectiveness of Z-your ple out of Jack, Crow and you can Akiza, with his cousin, Leo offers Yusei their "Saw Dragon" and his awesome "Lifetime Load Dragon", wishing to assistance him over the past battle.

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About half annually pursuing the fight with Z-one, the fresh twins discover a letter off their mothers. In it, it tell them which they want to alive together with her, however for you to definitely to occur, they might need certainly to exit The fresh new Domino Urban area. Leo and his awesome aunt can not determine what to do while they must stick with the fresh gang. Shortly after Jack challenges Yusei in order to an excellent Duel which he believes, the fresh new twins plus Akiza and Crow see the newest Duel. It sooner intend to squeeze into their moms and dads.

Many years later on, Leo keeps a great Duel Runner from his personal, he spends to transport his brother to college. When Crow remaining their cluster throughout the Shingon Group in order to problem Jack for the Ride Ace, he necessary Leo in order to their group because their substitute for.


Leo and his awesome sibling are known to become together with her for the almost every world of the inform you and now have an incredibly intimate bond. On whole reveal, it’s generated apparent one to in virtually any state associated with Luna, Leo is the one supply the woman the newest electricity to combat back. [12] [13] [9] [8] . Luna is the most essential member of his lives and then he usually include the girl at any cost regarding threats; so you can Luna, Leo are the girl 'hero' and you will she cannot live without your. [13] Even though the twins provides their pros and cons they like both dearly and are generally sensed the essential rewarding person in the fresh new other people's lifestyle. [13] [5] [5]