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Secure Web Technologies – A Comprehensive Overview

Secure Web Technologies | A Comprehensive Overview

Cloud computing has revolutionized IT environments. Applications and data are no longer limited to a corporate network perimeter. They can be found anywhere in the globe. However workers have become more distributed - employees need quick and secure connections to cloud services and IT resources of the corporate. As a result, secure web gateways have become crucial to cybersecurity as part https://www.citylitoperaschool.org/data-room-provider-has-a-lot-of-untapped-potential/ of a multi-layered approach to security.

Secure web gateway (SWG) in overview, is a tool that removes undesirable malware and software from live Internet browsers while also protecting enterprise policies. This solution can be compared to CASBs and firewalls, but differs in that it operates on the level of application, scrutinizing each request at a greater depth than traditional firewalls and evaluating the complete file for malware and other threats that are evasive to detection.

A reliable SWG solution is one that combines firewall inspection URL filtering, URL inspection and DNS filtering, along with antimalware, sandboxing and additional features like Two-Factor Authentication (TFA), Web Application Firewalls and more. It should also include encryption. Encryption encodes sensitive data so cybercriminals are unable to read it. This stops sensitive data from falling into unintentional hands.

A great SWG includes a range of features that can be adapted to the requirements of your company. For example, if you are working in a highly controlled sector, the solution should incorporate native or integrated data leak prevention and compliance reporting. If you have a large remote workforce, the solution must allow you to control access to mobile devices that are not managed and to enforce minimum privilege across your extended supply chains.