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APUS Browser Virus Scan

Apus browser virus scanner is an Android application that cleans the device of malware, low-quality files, as well as other useless information. The two-mode scanning tool immediately detects and removes unwanted software to create a clean smartphone. It also extends the life of your battery and the speed of your tasks. It is backed up by a reputable business and comes with a guarantee of refund if you're not satisfied with its capabilities.

APUS Browser is a great Android mobile application. It packs the latest technology of the web into a small package, with an integrated download manager, a sophisticated internet search engine, and a user-friendly control panel to customize your home screen. It also includes the necessary privacy-friendly features to keep your information safe, and a complete suite of free anti malware and junk cleansers. It avoids the idol brands such as Google Play, Amazon com On the internet, and Facebook for the sake of user privacy.

The apus browser is small lightweight, fast and light web have a peek at this website browser that offers unmatched search pages, page loading and file loading speeds. It utilizes a tiny amount of memory on the system - less than 1 MB. It features the fundamental functions you would expect from a web browser, including for the reason that featuring websites efficiently, managing tabs, embedding videos, and many more. It's also root-free and compatible with locked phones. It does, however, require an in-app purchase in order to unlock additional features. There is a turbo option which speeds up the loading of files, pages and online videos to allow for faster browsing. A night mode reduces eye strain by dimming your screen. There is also an option to play video games that automatically switches HTML games online to full-screen.